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The Way the Truth and the Life John 14:6

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Today is Monday the
18th of February 2019 The time is 07:06pm



Brochure for Current Retreat
Retreat Timetable

All past retreats have been recorded onto CD, DVD. Please click the link below for details.

Past Retreats

No Retreat till further notice


Begins with Mass on Friday

This timetable facilitates participation in all or part of the retreat. [Arrangements may change]

Friday Evening

7.00 pm Rosary & Reconciliation
7.30 pm MASS; Conference ~


8.45 am Registration

[Sacrament of Penance available each day]

9.00 : Welcome and Opening words

9.05: Conference ~

10.15: Exposition of the Eucharist

10.30 :Morning tea provided ~ Prayerful and reflective silence maintained please

11.00: Recitation of the Joyful mysteries [*priest available for Reconciliation]

12.15 Catered silent Lunch

1.00: Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament

1.30 Conference ~ within celebration of MASS:

2.00: Recitation of the Sorrowful Mysteries

3.00: Chaplet of the Divine Mercy [Confession available]

3.15: Afternoon Tea~ Exposition continues - Silence maintained

4.15: Conference ~

5.25: [Repose the Eucharist]

5.30: Catered Evening Meal

6.45: Holy Hour and ~ Exposition with Benediction, Healing Prayer.


9.00: am Sunday Mass Conference ~

9.50: Eucharistic Exposition follows Mass ~ Quiet

10.30: Morning tea provided - Silence maintained ~ Confession available

10.45: Quiet time follows

12.00: Angelus & Recitation of the Luminous Mysteries

12.30: Catered Lunch ~ Meal in silence

1.30: Question & Answer time

2.15: Exposition of the Eucharist [Confession available ]

2.30: Recitation of the Glorious Mysteries followed by Chaplet of Divine Mercy

3.15: Afternoon Tea ~ Exposition continues - Silence maintained please

3.30: Conference ~ ~ Benediction, healing prayer.

Partipation in the retreat is open to all, parishioners and non-parishioners.

Anyone may attend all or part of the retreat

For details please call: Fr Gerard Ryan CCS on phone 02 6931 3601

Fax: 02 6971 2880 or